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7 Stalin’s scyscrapers
7 Stalin’s scyscrapers
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An easy puzzle about Moscow: how much is 7 + 7?
The answer: it's a whole day of thrill and new impressions!
It’s very simple: Moscow stands on 7 hills, symbolized by 7 beautiful high-rise buildings in the center of Moscow, ordered for the construction by Joseph Stalin in 1947.

All the skyscrapers were founded in one day and constructed in just 10 years; the best architects and engineers of that time were engaged in the construction. «Stalinskie Vysotki,»(meaning Stalin’s high-rises) as people called it, became the architectural pinnacle of «Soviet art deco» and the symbol of the era.
Let's meet the «seven sisters», swirling in a friendly dance!

«Older sisters»
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Building on Smolenskaya Square is the official residence of the country’s foreign relations.
The main building of the Moscow State University is as much as 240 meters of noble statue, with a magnificent view of Moscow and an Alma Mater for 15 thousand of the best students.

«Middle Sisters»
Hotel «Ukraine» on Kutuzov Avenue. Not only the hotel accommodates 505 rooms with great views, but also a viewpoint, where Moscow is spread before your eyes. After the reconstruction of 2002, the hotel joined the Radisson Hotels chain and got the respective name.
Hotel «Leningradskaya» is known for its striking luxury of interior decoration and belongs to the equally famous Hilton Hotels chain.

«Little Sisters»
Apartment Block at Kotelnicheskaya Embankment houses as many as 700 elite apartments, in addition to beautiful vestibules, elevators, halls and stairs.
The Kudrinskaya Square Building, better known as the «Vysotka at Vosstaniya Square», incorporates large residential areas, a cinema, shops, offices and a network of underground passages communicating with the bomb shelter.
The Red Gates Administrative Building is remarkable for hosting the lobby of the Moscow Metro station with the same name in one of its wings, despite the most modest size of all the «Stalinka buildings».

Noble, powerful, stately, similar to each other and yet so different. People, fates, events — everything changes, and only the «Stalin skyscrapers» keep their proud and close eye on the crazy life of the capital.
Plan of excursion can be changed a little at the discretion of guide (according to weather and guests' hotel location).
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