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7 Stalin’s scyscrapers
7 Stalin’s scyscrapers
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These first Soviet skyscrapers are the key historical and geographic points of the capital. They are like doors, coming through which one can feel the spirit of times, plumb the depths of the history and political intrigues, learn the most interesting facts of celebrities« life and capital’s legends.


1. Which of these legends are fiction, and which are based on truths?

2. The old house where Mikhail Lermontov was born was located on the site of one of the skyscrapers. Which is this skyscraper?

3. What happened to the «eighth sister» — another skyscraper planned by Stalin?

4. What engineering miracles did the constructors have to demonstrate?

5. What made it possible to complete such a grandiose construction in record time — in just 10 years?


Our enthusiastic guides are sincerely keen on their business and will be ready to answer your questions. They truly love their city and its history, and capture visitors of Moscow with their interest.



«Seven sisters»: what do you know about Stalin's skyscrapers?


People, fortunes, events — everything changes, and only “Stalin's skyscrapers” keep their proud eye over the life of the capital. Noble, powerful and stately, looking so alike and yet so different. Let’s get to know the “seven sisters” better?


1. The highest one. The main building of the Moscow State University is as much as 240 meters high, giving a breathtaking view over Moscow and being the alma mater of 15 thousand country's best students.


Did you know? Until 1990, this skyscraper was the highest building in Europe.



2. The very first one. The Foreign Ministry building was built in 1953 on Smolenskaya Square and became the official residence of all foreign affairs of the great nation.


Did you know? Among others, this skyscraper is the only one free of five-point star crowned over its spire.



3. The most cinematic one. This high-rise apartment block on Kotelnicheskaya embankment has been most frequently featured in the popular Soviet and Russian movies: “Moscow does not believe in tears,” “Pokrovsky Gates”, “The Dandies”, “Brother 2”. And what movies will you remember looking at this grand building?


Did you know? It was here that the Soviet writer Tvardovsky and the actress Faina Ranevskaya got to know each other, and this acquaintance later turned into friendship.



4. The most comfortable one. At a time when some of the Muscovites still lived in barracks, this building on Kudrinskaya Square was full of engineering innovations.


Did you know? People nicknamed this building “The Aviator's House”, for famous test pilots who lived there.



5. The most mystic one. The story goes that in the passages of the Red Gates Building one still can meet a “laughing ghost”: the restless soul of an office employee who served here and who was so unlucky as to tell a political joke at the wrong time and in a wrong company.


Did you know? The Red Gate Building was built in parallel with the metro and turned out to stay at the very edge of the excavation pit. In order for the building not to sink, the engineers used quite an odd and challenging solution, never used anywhere else because of calculations complexity.



6. The most luxurious one. Hotel “Ukraine”. Not only this hotel accommodates 505 rooms with great views, but also a view point offering a terrific view over Moscow which will spread out before you.


Did you know? Robert De Niro, Francis Coppola, Emir Kusturica, Sophia Loren, Jackie Chan and other celebrities have made their autographs in the “Ukraine” visitors» book.



7. The smallest one. The hotel «Leningradskaya» is only 136 meters high, which makes it the lowest in its«» family«.


Did you know? Despite the exterior chastity, the hotel’s rich interiors look quite impressive. It is quite a palace inside with bas-reliefs, graceful carvings and massive gilded chandeliers!



Want to know more? Want to see these monumental walls with your own eyes and find out what they hide?

Let us take you on a journey that combines both history and modernity. This tour is for everyone who wants to learn more about Soviet architecture, human fortunes and historical secrets. In other words, for those who want to live a day full of impressions and unforgettable stories!

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