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Christmas excursion
Christmas excursion
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Тверская улица – Никитский бульвар – Красная площадь – Храм Христа Спасителя – Воробьёвы горы – Поклонная Гора – Москва-Сити – Триумфальная Арка – улица Кузнецкий Мост – улица Большая Дмитровка – Никольская улица – Третьяковский проезд – Манежная площадь – Театральная площадь – Камергерский переулок – Тверской бульвар – Пушкинская площадь

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What’s your top of mind «home Christmas» image? If you're from the Midwest, it is most likely a giant Turkey, stuffed with beans cooked by your mom or a family get-together over full glasses of eggnog. But if you grew up on the beautiful coast of the Mediterranean sea, then surely no miss on a piece of cotechino, 12 grapes, a slice of the sweetest bakeries… and loud neighbors. 
Right?! Just as we thought!

You know, it’s all so different in Russia! Plenty of warm, fluffy,cozy stuff and loads of exceptional delicious food. 7 full days in a row! True! No nickel- and- dime! As Russians put it, «Let’s go the limit!»

For a moment imagine yourself in the middle of the vast Central city square, parti-colored lights shining and graceful dome of the Orthodox church glowing gold a little aside. 
You walk slowly, listening to delicious fresh snow crunch under your feet. You could simply feel your cheeks, looking around and squinting slightly, your fur hats feathers tickling. Flaring your nostrils, blissed by the scorching miracle of herbal tea and yet you dare to throw off your mitten just to grab a hot pancake right from the pan.
Dancing around the green forest beauty you will surely encounter harmonica fans, energetic folk Pesnyary and, of course, true Russian beauties with braids reaching their waists. 

You will sing in a foreign language, to your own surprise, start to dance and…you will suddenly realize happiness is all around! Right here! On top of fragrant spruce, on the tips of cold blushing noses, in the ringing air of the night, glowing with warmth of those rejoicing with you in this vibrant stream of Christmas miracles!

Want surprisingly warm happiness in the cold country?!

Then welcome to the Russian fairy- tale Christmas trip. We guarantee this will be truly exciting, colorful delicious and unforgettable experience!
New experience in your happy new year! Hear this «BOOM-BOOM-BOOM…»?! It’s a countdown to your new year's happiness. Welcome! We look forward to seeing you!
Plan of excursion can be changed a little at the discretion of guide (according to weather and guests' hotel location).
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Muscovite. Choose her way of life: to enjoy each day and feel happy. Will be sharing not only the knowledges of a professional guide, but also positive vibes of a happy person!


Young and active with a good sense of humor. Live fast and smart. Marina will not only show the Moscow, but can also teach you Russian songs and poems. She likes children and is talented to find the way of communication with them. You will probably want to take her with you when leaving.


Leading guide, has a great experience with large groups, VIP — clients. Friendly, stress-resistant and resourceful. Olga is able to find the solution to any problem, organize leisure and listen to your whims. You are welcome!

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