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Communist Moscow
Communist Moscow
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All those interested in the history of a great country surely know about Lenin, Stalin, the revolution, ruby ​​stars and the Soviet poineers, but the architectural pearls often stay unnoticed. This is unfair! After all, the architecture of the communism era is a whole layer — original, monumental and magnificent.

Let's start from the epicenter of the «communist regime» — from Lubyanka Square, located just a stone's throw from the Kremlin. Lubyanka became a household name yet back in the October Revolution times and a little later the main buildings of the NKVD gained their modern appearance after a large-scale communist reconstruction. Strength, power and severity — aren’t they the feelings that the main state security headquarters should inspire?!

Under the eagle eye of FSB officers on the other side of the Lubyanka square, the Central Children's Store (CDM) lives its new life after total reconstruction in 2015. Historical boundaries, proportions and monumentality of the structure – this is all that’s left from the original look of the store. However, to their credit, the modern architects have skillfully preserved and even multiplied the spirit and the solidity of the building. The 6th floor of the CDM accommodates a viewpoint providing a fine view over the capital all-year-round; on the one hand — gray and stern view of Lubyanka, on the other — bright and picture-perfect view of the Kremlin.

The Moscow metro in its old part, has a «very communist» past, as most of it was built at the dawn of the proletariat era. But the Lubyanka and Kropotkinskaya stations are in a special status. Unfortunately, the Lubyanka station embraces more history rather than architectural artifacts, but Kropotkinskaya station was conceived as a truly colossal construction. It was to become an underground lobby of the giant Palace of Soviets, which was never destined to grow on the surface. However, this did not stop the station's project from winning the grand prix of international competitions and even the Stalin Prize. By the way, the station was named after Peter Alekseevich Kropotkin — the scientific and theoretical leader of the Socialist Movement and a prominent scientist of the early 20th century.
«The House on the Embankment» is a typical object of Stalinist architecture, built in the style of late constructivism. Its «father» was a distinguished Russian architect, B.M. Iofan. The building has got a very specific design from the very beginning: spacious apartments, oak parquet and stucco molding, paintings and even separate elevators with concierge. Soon the building livened up, mostly because of the great people who lived there: military leaders, scientists, writers, artists and top statesmen. They created the environment where they lived, embraced destinies, created masterpieces and made history.

Now we can afford the «communist luxury» that the elite of Soviet society could afford — a pleasure of walking along the old Moscow, comfortably located on ten boulevards. Here every turn is what is called a «story under your feet»: people, events, architecture unlike any other and the spirit. The spirit of challenging if not cruel times, with raging freedom and savagery, power and poverty, aspirations and despair.

And no great city can do without a central park! In Moscow it is the Gorky Park of Recreation and Leisure. Designed as an oasis of socialist recreation, it is now going through a new wave of the hottest trend with its fountains, ample greenery, and ringing air in the center of the metropolis. A leisurely walk along the embankment or a boat trip – the choice is yours!

«The younger brother» of Gorky Park is located just across the road. The Museon park now accommodates almost the largest collection of sculptures of the communist times emblematic personalities: Engels, Dzerzhinsky (moved here from Lubyanka), Brezhnev and, of course, Joseph Stalin.

And topping it off comes the apologist for the «red machine» ruthlessness, the one that «resurrected» after complete destruction in 1931. The general cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, was completely reconstructed and opened to the parishioners in 2000. We will not judge, but will enjoy the beautiful views to the eternal beauty of Moscow from the Patriarchal bridge.
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