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Does the size of Leonardo’s «Mona Lisa» matter? Do you care about the extension of metal structures when admiring the Eiffel Tower? Of course not! You look and realize: «This is beautiful!» or «Yes, this is a masterpiece!»
Muscovites describe their subway as fast, cheerful, reliable and… beautiful. So unanimous are the guests of the capital: «The Moscow metro is beautiful!» — they exclaim. And what will you feel after a walk on the Moscow Metro?

To make your personal metro-beauty rating, you just need to go down and raise your head up. Start from the «Komsomolskaya» station. It festively greets the good half of all those guests arriving to the capital by train. We promise, you just won’t take your eyes off the magnificent story mosaic, intricate stucco molding and triumphant gilded chandeliers. Perhaps, «Komsomolskaya» station is the major diamond in the necklace of the Moscow metro circle line.

At the station «Kurskaya Koltsevaya» you will hear a wonderful melody of natural stone, the walls of one of this «old» station halls being faced with Gazgan deposit pink and yellowish marble, and the lobby being wax-red. The walls, pylons and columns of the ticket hall are made of white veined black marble from the Davalu deposit, and the floor is covered with black gabbro and dark gray granite slabs. Is not that beautiful music?

The next stop at a depth of 40 meters is the «Novoslobodskaya» station. In the central hall you will find a treasure of 32 colorful stained-glass windows framed in gilded brass and highlighted so that it looks as if the sun penetrated the earth. «Novoslobodskaya» station is an object of the cultural heritage — a solid reason to admire it, isn’t« it?

The beauty of the simple life of the workers and their work will appear before you at the “Belorusskaya” station. The economy and culture of Belarus are depicted on snow-white relief panels, which are everywhere. By the way, more than 100,000 passengers enjoy this beauty daily!

The “Mayakovskaya” station is a gallery of light and mosaics. Just imagine 34 ceiling oval niches, each containing 16 sconces. They produce as much light as necessary for such an extraordinary art gallery. And now go with your eyes wide open and enjoy the beautiful mosaics made of smalt according to A. Deineka's sketches and bearing surprisingly poetic Soviet era names: “Two planes and a blossoming apple tree”, “Parachutists in the morning”, “Statue of a girl with a paddle”, “Aviamodelists”.

“Lifelike, lifelike…!” — Iosif Stalin commented on the sculptures at the “Revolution Square” station. Indeed, look at the “Young Engineer” or the » Farmer-Mechanizer« — the sculptor captured them in the midst of the service. All the sculptures irradiate the cast-iron strength, energy and enthusiasm of the Soviet people. And, certainly, do not miss the opportunity to try your luck — rub the border guard dog’s nose and make a wish. Students say this is an effective ritual to pass the exams.

Well, do you understand the pride of Muscovites now? Welcome to the club of all those who say that the Moscow metro is without a doubt the most beautiful metro in the world!
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