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Moscow by night
Moscow by night
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Remember the children's horror story: «Black-black night in a black-black city… give me your heart!»? Good that they never took your heart away back then, because you can give it now. To whom? Of course, to Moscow at night.

Dive right in the city center!
The State Department Store of Moscow (GUM) — a monument of pseudo-Russian style, drowning in generous night spotlights, suddenly turns out to be a sparking treasure from children's fairy tales. And if you face the main entrance to GUM, then in your left hand you will have a true miracle — St. Basil's Cathedral. This masterpiece looks as if created by a wizard, shining as if from within and beckoning with a mysterious glitter of colored patterns and forms. You have our word – this is something you won’t forget!

Hold out your hand, and a little further from Red Square you will have Lubyanka Square in your left hand, with its Soviet legacy and the harsh nature of security agencies, headquarters of which are crowded around. Incredible as it may seem — just next to the «authorities» you will see proud and straight building of the Central Children's Paradise Store CDM. Children sleep at night, so you can fully enjoy the grandeur of the historical construction with the lace sparkles of giant fabulous shop windows.
We'll walk along the parade Tverskaya Street, along the atmospheric and squat Boulevard Ring, along the from-the- depth-of-century-like Old Arbat and its «younger brother» — New Arbat.

And now let's step a little aside. From the depths of history — into an energetic modernity. Moscow City is a dance of concrete, glass and metal. A city in a city that never sleeps and never gets tired. In the dark, it may look vulnerable and seemingly dissolved in reality. But, no — myriads of parti-colored powerful lights seem to save it from the abyss of the night. To feel the whole load of conflicting emotions, you just need to see the Moscow City.

And after a sheer moment it seems like flying through the Triumphal Arch directly into eternal memory, into an invaluable human heroic deed! Victory Square is a concentrate of human grief, unimaginable tragedy, triumph, misty eyed happiness and the victory of human will over fascism. Monument of memory. The monument to life in the light of the triumph of justice, with room for a moment of silence and mindfulness.
And going back to the heart of the city along the wide Leninsky Prospekt, you will see the great building of Moscow State University. Even at night it seems to shine with an areole of knowledge.

And wrapping up this night adventure, you should definitely see the sparkling spidery lace of small central streets: Yakimanka, Mokhovaya, Solyanka, Varvarka. The names seem to mutter against each other, conveying the mood of home comfort and sincerity.
What touched you most? Like no other, unique Russian combination of darkness and light, the mystery of architecture and the endless warmth of lights, the deafening peace in the city of never ending life.
Don’t resist! After overnight journey through Moscow you will surely have it in your heart!
Plan of excursion can be changed a little at the discretion of guide (according to weather and guests' hotel location).
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