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Moscow walking tour including roof visits
1 days
Moscow walking tour including roof visits

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Moscow is multifaceted, endless and beautiful! All it takes is to change the point of view and it will appear in a new way. A unique walking tour with a visit to the capital's roofs will catch fancy of both first time Moscow visitors and those who have long been in love with this city. Our tour is not a formal excursion, but a lively, romantic city walk, which will change your vision of the capital!

Moscow from a different angle

Each of the roofs will express their mood and perception of the city. The ancient areas of Prechistenka and Pokrovka, with many pre-revolutionary buildings still in place, will have you immersed into the past of Moscow.

An outlook over Sokolniki region from the height will give a different picture and era of Moscow's constructivism: strict, geometrically verified, laconic buildings which serve as a reminder of the dynamic city development in the 1930s.

The viewpoint located at the monumental Stalin’s skyscraper will give a breathtaking panorama of the metropolis. From there the city comes as a huge anthill, taking your breath away and giving adrenaline rush.

Sunset will give a new look to this amazing city right in front of our eyes. From a Khamovniki building roof Moscow will look near and dear.

What's you will learn during the tour

Perfect tour is a combination of information and positive emotions. We arrange our city tours to leave you not only with rich experience, but also with new findings of the city life. Our guides are true enthusiasts of their business. They will tell about Soviet Moscow and its contemporary life, give a clue as to how to understand architecture, explain what a Stalin’s Empire Style is and what was the purpose to construct the famous Stalin’s skyscrapers. And be prepared to hear legends, tales and anecdotes of different eras, make unexpected discoveries, ask questions and have the answers!

Individual Moscow walking tours including roof visits.
Do not feel like waiting for other group members or want to visit some specific locations of the capital? We will arrange an individual tour for you covering the most uncommon places of the metropolis!

We adapt the tour program based on:
— the number of people in a group
— Preferred mode of travel (pedestrian, bus, subway, car)
— weather conditions
— Wishes of participants
— time of arrival / departure from Moscow
— place of residence of the group

You can also replace any of the program items by selecting the tour here.

The number of days of the tour can also be reduced or increased.

All programs in Moscow are developed by professional managers and are conducted

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Our guides


Muscovite. Choose her way of life: to enjoy each day and feel happy. Will be sharing not only the knowledges of a professional guide, but also positive vibes of a happy person!


Young and active with a good sense of humor. Live fast and smart. Marina will not only show the Moscow, but can also teach you Russian songs and poems. She likes children and is talented to find the way of communication with them. You will probably want to take her with you when leaving.


Leading guide, has a great experience with large groups, VIP — clients. Friendly, stress-resistant and resourceful. Olga is able to find the solution to any problem, organize leisure and listen to your whims. You are welcome!

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